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Welcome to wailani.com, we manufacture eco-friendly pool systems that can provide a chemical free, non chlorine swimming pool, a water level controller to maintain your perfect water level for standard swimming pools, fountains and for an infinite or negative edge pool.

Natural Water Purifier Why are you still swimming in chlorine? - Your pool will be virtually chlorine free with our ionization water purification system. We have learned the secrets of keeping your pool or spa healthy and happy from mother nature, using our alternative purification system.

Izone® Purification System For the ultimate in natural pool water purification use our non-chlorine sanitizer and ozone oxidizer.

Infinifill™ Water Level Control Set it and forget it! - Our water level control automatically maintains the proper amount of water in your pool, fountain and pond. No more forgetting to turn off that messy hose used to fill your pool. Don't worry about your pool while on vacation. Because the Infinifill can add or remove water it can be used in dry or wet climates.

Infinifill™ IV for Infinite Edge Pools No infinite or negative edge pool should be without this unit. It always automatically maintains the illusion of a horizonless match with the sky or ocean, even in windy conditions or when people enter the pool. This system also helps perimeter overflow pools work properly.

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